@rabbit not much apparently, my timeline is slow today

@demize Yeah, it certainly seems that way.. I really need to figure out where to inject some news sources into my feed here

@rabbit I think I'm happy without news here, actually

I get enough news through discord and reddit; even what I got through twitter usually makes its way to one of them soon enough

I think what I need is more people who I know :p

@demize By news I actually mean more of the non-political variety. Weather forecasts, volcanos exploding, new scientific findings, spacecraft launches, etc

@rabbit I am wearing a doublet and pretending the world isn’t falling apart.

@Apiary ahh, the doublet, the last time “men’s” fashion featured peplum. Such a loss.

Your plan sounds as good as any I’ve heard though

@rabbit i think technically the 1650s had a non-doublet peplum, but it was a transitional garment.

@Apiary Ahh, I forgot that was a thing too. I could work with that but I’m not a fan of the breeches.

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