I feel like I went from winter to summer allergies in three days

@rabbit I think I probably picked up my allergy meds at the right time... one of them is a steroid spray to help stop my sinuses from closing up thanks to grass pollen, and it needs to be started *before* allergy season, and it feels like I've probably got just about enough time before the grass decides to try to murder me again

@demize fluticasole? It’s good stuff when it works. My problem is that a lot of antihistamines give me PCVs

@rabbit yeah

also got eye drops, which help a lot when it's bad, and bilastine

bilastine is the only antihistamine that's ever proved very effective for me here, and I am so glad I went and saw an allergist who prescribed it... though also, my allergies haven't been as bad the past couple years, probably because I live somewhat in the sky now :p

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