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I still hate having a phone without a headphone jack

I don’t care that it’s .35mm thinner

I don’t like Bluetooth headphones

@foone I got one of those at the last conference I went to as swag… 65$ seems a bit much

I’m apparently neutral good. Huh. Not what I expected.

@demize fluticasole? It’s good stuff when it works. My problem is that a lot of antihistamines give me PCVs

I feel like I went from winter to summer allergies in three days

@tomxcd I’ve been using Linux since installing X still warned that it might destroy your monitor.

@thomasfuchs I wanted one of those so bad when they came out..

@demize I flew on one earlier this week. Small, but not scary so. It’s a Learjet basically

@demize Suits of the typical male business variety cause me great anxiety. I wish there were better options.

@jerry Stop having nightmares about my actual ass week (no crash though..)

@jerry Your nightmare scenario is basically what I’m responsible for securing (iot/smart home stuff including thermostats)

Also that’s a neat idea for waste heat… I don’t wanna do it but it’s a neat idea

@Apiary Ahh, I forgot that was a thing too. I could work with that but I’m not a fan of the breeches.

@demize By news I actually mean more of the non-political variety. Weather forecasts, volcanos exploding, new scientific findings, spacecraft launches, etc

@demize Yeah, it certainly seems that way.. I really need to figure out where to inject some news sources into my feed here

@Apiary ahh, the doublet, the last time “men’s” fashion featured peplum. Such a loss.

Your plan sounds as good as any I’ve heard though

@redteamwrangler On many of them pushing the second button down on each side simultaneously opens the settings menu where you can turn it off completely. They can get cranky about it though..

God SiriusXM just sounds awful, like poorly ripped 128 bit MP3s from Napster. I'm amazed people will pay for it.

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